Full Power Bike Ride Book

I recently spent two years of my life cycling from England to New Zealand, across 20 countries, tallying up over 25,000 kilometres in the process.

I have now written a book about my trip, which is available to buy now via Amazon!


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Essentially, I challenged myself to cycle as far as I possibly could from London, to the antipode -which so happens to be New Zealand. 


The challenge was to not take any motorised vehicles to help me get there. Only bike over land, and boat oversea. My house was my tent, and my food was mostly beans and lentils, with my days taken up by perpetual pedalling.


I longed to meet interesting people around the world, witness beautiful sights, and generally experience as much as possible in this short life that we've been gifted. 

Being on the ground the whole time, rather than just flying to New Zealand, ensured that I was able to experience everything along the way: from little villages to massive cities, from hot climates to cold, beautiful places as well as the ugly. The full spectrum. 


You can use the interactive map below to check out my route across the world!

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Cody's Full Power YouTube Channel

In this section, you can read some more in-depth writing about my experiences both internal and external as I cycle acoss the world. It's a space where I can explore my own emotions, and relay my thoughts in written form. If you prefer to watch some awesome video, visit the vlog.